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You Have Nothing To Lose and Everything To Gain

February 9, 2010

If I had to make a list of the top questions or statements that people ask or say, when you tell them that they need to embrace social media, one near the top of the list would be, “How long does it take?” or “I don’t have enough time!“.

YOU HAVE TIME TO DO WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO DO! But realize that you do not have to eat the whole elephant in one sitting.


Here is my advice:

  1. Start with one platform or social networking site.
  2. Learn all the in’s and outs, master it!
  3. Incorporate it into your life.
  4. Move on to the next.
  5. Repeat!

Before you know it, you will have a half dozen or so social networking sites under your belt, you will eventually realize that some need your attention daily and others weekly or monthly. You will even find that there is value to be found.

Also important to note is that these things become easier with practice and use, you will get better at it, I promise! Participating will not always be work. You will begin using these sites without even thinking about it, do you really have to think about checking your email anymore?

But my privacy!

If you’re concerned about your privacy, set your social networking accounts to “private” whereby others cannot see your page until you accept their friend request. Also, only share what you are comfortable with, you will find your comfort zone expands over time.
We all have to accept the fact that when you type your name into Google, it turns up some of the most relevant search results about you, times are changing you can’t really “hide”.
Carefully consider who you will let into your new found networks, but don’t be afraid to “friend or follow” trusted associates of others. Cultivate new relationships, this is one of the benefits of social networking. For the most part you have nothing to lose and everything to gain when someone adds you as a friend on any social media website, remember you can always drop them, usually they are unaware. Did you know that often you can even block them, so they can’t find you in a search?
Lastly, don’t judge it, until you’ve given it a fair test drive. Online social networking gives you reach and access unlike ever before, it’s not a fad and it’s time to see what all the fuss is about. Those I know who have the worst opinions of social networking, haven’t even tried it or have false paranoid stories. People have their identities stolen from bank accounts and credit cards not accounts on twitter.
What one needs to understand is that friend networks serve different purposes on each social media site so the value of mutual friendships will differ. This is something you’ll instinctively realize when you spend time on using each specific social channel.

So What Is Social Media Anyway?

January 21, 2010

In a nutshell, social media is all about authentic conversations, it’s also about where conversations are happening (You tube, twitter, blogs etc.) or, how whats being said is spread (communication, entertainment, collaboration, multimedia). Social media is changing the way we communicate and the way we do business and it is changing rapidly!

Social media is becoming your resume, your reputation, your future, whether you are a business or an individual.

Social media is POWER, let me explain.

A November’s Harvard Business Review article, states that a recent study from colleagues at Johns Hopkins, (presented at the American College of Surgeons) showed that a sample of Wikipedia medical articles did not contain a single gregarious factual error. In fact, the vast majority were considered by the researchers to be appropriate references. And, a recent Pew study found that nearly 40% of Americans say they have doubted a medical professionals opinion or diagnosis because it conflicted with information they’d found online.

Wikipedia is social media by collaboration of people from every walk of life and the articles are a mashup from several people, perhaps dozens!

Social media has forever changed peoples perceptions and behaviors. Today the old ‘business to customer’ marketing plan has been replaced by the ‘customer to customer’ conversation. You need to participate in that conversation affect it’s outcome.

Tell me, did you read reviews before you purchased you last electronic device or car? Do you read reviews at Amazon, do they impact your purchases? They do me!

What if a prospect you were trying to land was doing research on you or your business and they searched your name or a generic description of your product or service?  What if they found images, articles, posts, blogs, forum threads, quotes etc. and they all lead to you or your site? Would you or your company be perceived as the expert(s) in the field? I don’t care if you spend your entire marketing budget on SEO (Search Engine Marketing), you will never get those results without participatory social media.

Consider social media to be the power behind you the individual, you the brand.

Need a Retweet? So did I.

December 24, 2009

Okay so…Wordpress has made many improvements over the past year (thank you WordPress) but no retweet!?REALLY? Yes, its true.

So what you say…Well a retweet button is genius, instead of copy and paste etc. it’s just that much easier now to share on twitter what you’ve found, it’s like the 1 click ordering on Amazon, no work! And if you don’t have an Amazon 1 click ordering account set up…you are surely missing out. Okay, I’m getting side-tracked. won’t allow plugins or java BUT if you add this code to your html on your posts, WHA-LA!

<a href=””><img style=”border-style: none;” src=”;service=” alt=”” width=”41″ height=”51″ align=”left” /></a>

Erase the orange “code” and add your wordpress blog URL, you can also change the size of the button-by changing the numbers on the width and height.

Is there an easier way, something I’m not aware of?

10 Questions EVERY Business Owner Should Ask

December 16, 2009

Here are the 10 questions that any business owner should continue to ask, year in and year out:

Posted via email from Leah McChesney’s thoughts


December 16, 2009

Thinking a lot about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) lately. I came across this phrase (not sure of the author).

Is it a "how to" or a cause and effect? Or both?

search engines discover new content via LINKS
LINKS are signs of TRUST
TRUST can aggregate into AUTHORITY
AUTHORITY can influence RANK
users associate RANK with QUALITY
RELEVANCY is a key factor in conversation.

I tend to be idealistic when it comes to the SMO side, from my experiences and observations. I don't feel like a step can be skipped, unless you want to cheat yourself. I think SEO needs SMO to be most effective. SEO doesn't make anyone real, though it may help improve sales. Can you really preform SEO without SMO and expect stellar results? I'm not sure, enlighten me, please!


March 13, 2009


Since this is a time where many are looking for a job and are trying to harness the power of LinkedIn or are just discovering LinkedIn all together…I combed the web looking for great advice, things perhaps I may not have noticed or thought of and it produced some great tidbits.

For those that are still on the fence or skeptical…consider you phone, is it handy, necessary, convienant? Would you consider it a strategy? NO! It is a tool, social media/social networking/web 2.0 whatever you want to call it…is a tool, your strategy is how you approach it.

LinkedIn is more than a resume…

  1. Complete your profile!
  2. Get recommendations (is your ebay feedback important for doing business?)
  3. Use keywords in your profile to be found.
  4. Use a good photo
  5. Make your contact information easy to find! It isn’t always obvious.
  6. Join groups, but not for joining sake…get involved.
  7. Ask for introductions.
  8. Research companies you are interested in…do they have a high turnover or employees?
  9. Make your profile public.
  10. Make a custom URL. So it looks like this unless you utulize that option, it doesn’t come that way.
  11. Make it a priority to meet new people=grow your contact list.
  12. Q and A.
  13. Bring your network offline. Take or make opportunities to meet with people in the real world.
  14. Use the status updates.
  15. Use the applications, such as importing your blog, presentations or reading list. Show what you know and how you think.
  16. Send messages that are relevant or helpful to your contacts, keep YOU in the front of their head.
  17. Upload your contacts from your email, periodically.
  18. Highlight your skills, not the tasks you preformed (although tasks are important).
  19. Help others with leads and introductions. They will remember that.
  20. Market your expertise/passion. What do you posses that most do not.
  21. Use your custom URL on your email signature.

Posting a resume is passive-get involved!

I am keeping a journal of all the oppotunities that come my way via social media, opportunities that I don’t even ask for. Don’t pass up opportunities, fish where the fish are.

If you have any linkedin advice or experiences that may benefit others, please feel free to add.


March 12, 2009


If you use the internet, than you are aware of banner ads and pay per click, or maybe you are not!?… I am sure I can count on one hand how many times I have ever clicked on one of these ad’s, they are on my facebook page, they are on my gmail page. Most all of the ads are completely irrelevant to me so for the most part I ignore them, as do I think most people.

Now, if advertisers could use an amazon approach, I might be more likely to pay attention, thinking they may actually have something of interest to me. If you are not familiar with how Amazon works, they suggests items to me, based on my past search or purchase, this is very effective and I really enjoy it.

Well ta-da! Google has announced a new way that they will approach AdSense.

“In the past, advertisers have taken advantage of  contextual and placement targeting advertising on AdSense publisher sites. With this enhancement they’ll also be able to reach users based on their previous interactions with them, such as visits to the advertiser website, as well as reach users on the basis of their interests (such as “sports enthusiasts” or “travel enthusiasts”).”

I cannot offer an educated opinion that this will bring back the old model of advertising effectiveness, it is moving in the right direction. As it is now, the use of contextual targeting  is not all it is cracked up to be, consider an email I have open right now, it only has a about 3 sentences in it, the advertisements I got are as follows:

Michigan Skydiving
Safe, fun, and friendly at CSC. Learn to skydive from 14,500′
Neral Sheela DDS
Adult & Children Dentistry
Cosmetic Family Dentistry
Pet Ritz Luxury Dog Hotel
Now in 2 Great Locations! dog boarding, day care & training
The Hidden Org Chart
Discover it with Keyhubs! Map social networks in your company
Become a Home Inspector
State approved classroom & home study courses.
The email was about a meeting, it had a time, place, directions and that they have a projector, that’s it! How do these ads relate to that email or me? I can tell you have never spent time on-line looking up skydiving or pet hotels, nor am interested in being a home inspector.

This new way of adsense is in beta form, I hope it proves to be more effective, as google is very dependant on advertisers and I love google!